Specialty Chiropractic Treatments

When most people think of chiropractic therapy, they think of back cracking and joint popping relief. While this form of spinal manipulation is certainly popular, there are actually many other chiropractic therapy techniques. In this post we will explore just a few.

Spinal Mobilization is a gentler, low-force technique that employs slow movement to mobilize a joint. There are various methods used within this approach. The Activator Method uses a spring-loaded tool that provides a low-force impact to the patients spine and/or joints. The Toggle Drop is a method in which the chiropractor presses down on the patient’s affected area at the same time that a section of the drop table falls, using gravity to make the adjustment.

The Graston Technique is a form of manual therapy that uses instruments to massage the skin and also to gently scrape away scar tissue. This helps to break down scar tissue that impedes movement and causes pain and strives to promote better healing of the injured area.

Cold Laser Therapy uses a flashlight-sized device that emits specific wavelengths of light on affected areas of the body, with the goal of speeding up the healing process. It is thought that the light interacts with the skin and muscle cells and is converted to energy (much like the process of photosynthesis in plants.)

These are just a handful of the many techniques used in chiropractic therapy. It is a field that has come a long way since its founding in the 1890s and new advancements are being made every day!


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